Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Wilderness
Friday, November 25, 2011

I was sorting through some trip photos from last year and came across these from a trip I made into the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wildernes last October. There’s some pretty good pics from that trip so I thought I’d share them.

Started the first day along the Slickrock creek trail. The first two pictures are of Lake Cheoah.

Slickrock Creek Trail, NC.

Photos of Slickrock Creek, NC

Slickrock Creek Trail covered by leaves in October.

Crystal clear but cold water, Slickrock Creek, NC.

Leaves fill the creek.

A small waterfall along Slickrock Creek, NC.

Slickrock Creek, NC

A small friend.

Waterfalls including Widlcat falls along Slickrock Creek, NC.

My Oware tarp setup next to Slickrock Creek, NC.

The next day I headed for higher ground. 

At the crossroads.

Gaining in Elevation along the Hangover Lead Trail.

My campsite near the Hangover in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Wilderness.

Sunset looking toward Bob Stratton Bald.

Sunset looking out towards the Tellico Plains.

Sunset looking towards the Smoky Mountains.

The next morning I took Pictures of the sunrise from the Hangover.

The sunrise looking towards Bob Stratton Bald.

Sunrise looking towards the Smoky Mountains from The Hangover.

This is the Hangover Lead Trail ridge I will follow to go home.

Back on flat ground along the Ike Branch Trail.

The sign at the start (for me now its the finish) of the trail.

My lonely car.


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