Joyce Kilmer Wilderness Trail Finding Game

This game takes place on the Deep Creek Trail in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, the last picture is on the Haoe Lead Trail. Look for the trial in these eight pictures. Keep track of how many times you find the trail. At the end, see how you scored based on the number of times you actually found the trail. 









One of Eight- You made it to the split in the trail, then went back to the car and told everyone on Monday you had a "man vs. wild" type weekend. 

Two of Eight- At least you found the way over the creek. And something to take a picture of.

Three of Eight- You found no campsites but enough trail to spend the night on, however there wasn't enough space for the tent to be set up and you were attacked by wild boars because you had beef jerky in your shirt pocket.

Four of Eight- You step on a wasp nest, fall into blackberry bushes and get scratched up. After applying toothpaste to your stings in confusion, bears haul you off to their den.

Five of Eight- You begin to see shadows, the trees close in around you..... what was that sound? Ten million years from now some guy digs up your bones and equipment and writes a book about it. The reviews call it a hilarious look into the past.

Six of Eight- You did it! You made it to the top!

Seven of Eight- Bonus-Free view! If you found the trail in the first six you deserve a bonus. Enjoy the view from the Hangover and set up camp nearby. The tops of the mountains in this photo form the border between North Carolina and Tennessee.

Eight of Eight- Special Bonus! If you get this one you correct you might be able to find the trail back to your car, otherwise I hope you packed enough food for an extra night or two.